Discover the potential of waste

Waste processing is not only taking care of the natural environment and improving the quality of life of the whole society. Exploiting the potential that is hidden in them is the foundation of sustainable business – a step towards a better future.

Key Insight


Huge possibilities

We constantly take up challenges to reduce the scale of unprocessed waste and protect natural goods …


Innovative process

According to data developed in 2018, Poland is far from meeting EU standards on recycling …


A solid foundation

According to the Global Footprint Network report, the rate of use of natural resources is 1.75 times faster than time …


Future in processing

Simple waste management methods are over. It is time to recover and reuse them. Modern technology and innovative processes already allow you to fully treat them as a source of valuable raw materials.

A dynamically developing market

The waste management market is currently a dynamically developing sector, characterized by high dynamics, with very promising development prospects. This industry has special social, ecological as well as business significance. Thanks to investor support, we improve laboratory facilities and the Research and Development Department, which is why we provide the highest quality services. We are a leader on the Polish market and actively operate on the European market.


Discover the perspective of innovative and comprehensive action

The use of the latest technology allows us to generate over 250 thousand Mg (tonnes) of waste annually, of which 95% on average returns to the market in the form of products and semi-finished products:

  • we are a leading producer of alternative fuel,
  • we use an advanced technological line that guarantees effective aluminum smelting,
  • we produce 40 tons of high-quality raw materials from recycling of non-ferrous metal scrap per year,
  • we conduct comprehensive management of rubber waste, using a unique method of thermal waste transformation – pyrolysis.

We care for lasting relationships based on transparency

We believe that transparency in communication guarantees maintaining and developing positive relationships. Our investors receive the most complete picture of the activities of the PRODIGO CG companies, including access to financial reports, periodic summaries and correspondence regarding investments. We are constantly developing communication tools and channels. The Investor Relations Department, created especially for this purpose, is ready to answer all questions related to the investment.

We are driven by ambition

We use a business model based on a diversified portfolio of waste treatment processes. We have our own research facilities that allow us to implement a long-term strategy. We strive to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of waste management. The awards won confirm the good direction of our development. 5th place in Poland and 1 in Lower Silesia in the Forbes Diamonds 2017 ranking

Support the future set by circular economy

The effect of the linear economy is the generation of large amounts of waste while increasing the cost of raw materials and energy consumed. Through our activities, we promote the model of obtaining natural resources formulated by the European Union, which promotes the use of innovative solutions for current social and ecological problems. We are part of a global trend in which we give new meaning to seemingly useless waste.


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