Alternative Fuels

We are one of the leading manufacturers of this type of fuel on the Polish market

What distinguishes this product?

Alternative fuels are becoming increasingly important on the market due to the stricter environmental and climate requirements imposed by the European Union. The cornerstone of the alternative fuels segment is Prodigo sp. z o.o., established in 2007, and since 2018 its operations have been supplemented by its sister company CemEnergy sp. z o.o.

Highest quality


Process control

Confirmed specifications

The main products made by the facilities are RDF blends with a calorific value above 24 GJ/Mg and a chlorine content below 0.7%. We conclude long-term contracts with companies from the cement, power and heating markets, supplying up to 15,000 Mg of fuel per month.

In each of the alternative fuel production facilities we have our own laboratory where the research team analyses the waste supplied to us for further processing and tests the quality of the products we produce. The performance of tests at the delivery stage, and not only at the final stage, minimizes the risk of irregularity in the quality of produced fuels and allows for precise determination of the capacity of installations owned.

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