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Explore the potential of optimised waste management

We believe in our work

The PRODIGO Capital Group is an innovative, modern company, whose transparent organizational structure and optimized management processes ensure our clients the highest standard of service, in accordance with applicable regulations and EU directives on environmental protection in the 'circular economy’ formula.

We take up every challenge to protect the environment from the seemingly inevitable process of pollution. To this end, we do everything within our power to process waste that currently has no application.

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In every aspect of our business we are guided by three key values that determine what we do.


to customers and their needs, the quality of services provided, the environment, the market, and above all, people and business ethics. We act as part of a global business trend — the circular economy.


in organizing, analysing and conducting processes. We are consistent in adapting our services flexibly according to the needs of the market and the environment, as well as operating independently by providing our own 'outlet’ for waste fuels (end of pipe solution).


in overcoming weaknesses and limitations, ambition and the continuous improvement of people and processes.