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In accordance with the idea of 'Prodigo — Source of Potential’ we focus on comprehensive waste management, always on the look-out for unconventional ways to manage it. Our day-to-day work is guided by a vision of optimised development.

Prodigo S.A. Capital Group

Meet the companies in the Prodigo Capital Group, offering complementary services in the field of waste processing in accordance with the circular economy idea. This company combines a long-term vision of continuous development with a desire to become a leader on the waste management market.

Prodigo S.A.

A holding company, with operational control over all the entities operating within the PRODIGO Capital Group and being the 100% owner of its subsidiaries (functions over the head departments: legal, financial, HR, environment, health and safety, administration); the company was established in 2017;

CemEnergy sp. z o.o. 

A company with a share capital of PLN 1.925 million dedicated to the production of high-energy mixtures of alternative fuels for the cement industry — one of the leading producers of alternative fuels on the Polish market, established in 2018;

Prodigo Metals Recovery sp. z o.o.

A company with a share capital of PLN 5.52 million, dedicated to the purification and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, established in 2017;

AG Recykling sp. z o.o.

A company with a share capital of PLN 4.8 million, dealing with the processing of rubber waste as part of the pyrolysis process, producing high-quality pyrolytic oil and biochar (carbon black), established in 2013;

Metal Trader sp. z o.o.

A special purpose vehicle with a share capital of PLN 0.2 million established to finance the operations of entities involved in the trading and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (mainly aluminium) in Europe, by providing these entities with working capital, established in 2018;

Prodigo Real Estate sp. z o.o. 

The special purpose vehicle for real estate in the Group (purchase and management), established in 2017;

Grzybiany Waste sp. z o.o. 

The company dedicated to the reclamation of a landfill, currently in the phase of obtaining relevant environmental decisions, established in 2017.


Maximizing the potential of the industrial waste processing industry, while optimizing management processes in order to strengthen market leadership. Maintaining the superior efficiency of PRODIGO Capital Group and providing customers with the highest standard of service.


The business operations of the PRODIGO Capital Group are based on maintaining the company’s stable position as a leader in the industry, generating a steady income and focusing on unconventional methods of industrial waste management.

Thanks to the support of our investors, the PRODIGO Capital Group can continue to develop, improving its laboratory facilities and the Research and Development Department. Find out what investment opportunities are offered through cooperation with PRODIGO as well as the benefits for you.