Investor relations

Welcome to the PRODIGO Capital Group website dedicated to investor relations. This area of service was created for our current investors and people interested in the capital potential of the holding.
You will find here basic information about the PRODIGO Capital Group and its subsidiaries, as well as elements of Corporate Governance. Detailed data, including financial and capital information, are available to our current investors after logging in. In order to gain access to these parts of the service, please contact the Investor Relations Department.

Basic information

PRODIGO Capital Group is a Polish holding company operating in the broadly understood waste management industry, focusing on industrial waste processing.

We operate in an extremely promising market, whose development is essential for the continued existence of our planet. Acting in a sector with high social utility, we pursue a mission of continuous exploration and maximum use of the potentials inherent in waste, which we treat on a par with natural goods. Our motto is: 'PRODIGO — source of resources ’

Annually, we obtain a stream of more than 250 thousand Mg (tons) of waste, of which 60% returns to the market, after being processed, in the form of products or semi-finished products used in many sectors

In this way, every day we contribute to reducing the scale of untreated waste and consequently protecting the environment for future generations, according to the circular economy model formulated by the European Union.
Our operations are based on a diversified portfolio of recycling and waste recovery processes, which includes: production of alternative fuels, metal processing, casting of aluminium alloys and processing of rubber and metal waste in the pyrolysis process.


The current position of the PRODIGO Capital Group is a result of, among other things, successful market consolidation and implementation of a long-term strategy aimed at achieving the status of a leader in the European waste management market. The above-average pace of the PRODIGO Capital Group’s expansion is confirmed by the fact that Prodigo sp. z o.o. took the fifth place in Poland and the first place in Lower Silesia in the 2017 Forbes Diamonds ranking, which distinguishes companies that increase their value most rapidly.

Since 2018, as a result of ownership transformation processes, the Group is headed by the holding company Prodigo S.A. Six rapidly developing companies with experience dating back to 2007 are responsible for the holding company’s business operations: alternative fuels, metals and castings and pyrolysis.

PRODIGO Capital Group’s structure:

Holding company:

  • Prodigo S.A. – strategic group management

The alternative fuel segment:

  • Prodigo sp. z o.o. – facility in Gromadka (Lower Silesian Voivodeship)
  • CemEnergy sp. z o.o. – facility in Skarżysko-Kamienna (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship)

Metals and foundry business operations:

  • Prodigo Recykling sp. z o.o. – aluminium alloy foundry in Wrocław
  • Prodigo Metals Recovery sp. z o.o. – facility for processing non-ferrous metals and cleaning of scrap metal in Mirosławice (Lower Silesian Voivodeship)
  • Metal Trader sp. z o.o. – transactions in receivables from the metal processing industry


  • AG Recykling sp. z o.o. – a facility for the thermal processing of rubber and metal waste, producing pyrolytic oil and biochar (carbon black)


Zoom in

Tomasz Nietubyć

Chairman of the Board

Piotr Przygoński



Jarosław Wróbel

Production and Development Director

Piotr Ginalski

Commercial Director

Przemysław Jacków

Commercial Director for Metals

Administration and support for operating segments

Katarzyna Hoffman-Zyśk

Director of the Department of Law and Administration

Adam Jaremkiewicz


Piotr Brzeziński

Head of the Investor Relations Team

Our IR principles

The PRODIGO Capital Group owes its current position to, i.a., activities operations supported by investors, aimed at infrastructure development and acquisitions of entities from the industry. In order to put this into practice, Prodigo S.A. issued several series of shares and bonds allowing for the recapitalisation of projects. In addition, since 2013, selected companies, currently belonging to the holding, have carried out 44 bond issues for a total amount of over PLN 88.3 million, with nearly PLN 42.3 million in 24 series, whose capital has matured and been redeemed by the companies.

Bearing in mind the systematic support from investors expressed in their involvement in the issue of securities of the companies comprising the PRODIGO Capital Group, we make every effort to provide all interested parties with the fullest possible picture of our operations. To this end, we are developing tools and channels of communication with our investors, including:

  • presentation of financial reports and information about our operations in the Investor section, available after logging in,
  • preparation of periodic activity summaries,
  • ongoing correspondence concerning investments in entities of the PRODIGO Capital Group,
  • access to our Investor Relations Department in case of any questions.

We believe that transparency in communication and easy access to information concerning the companies of the PRODIGO Capital Group will contribute to maintaining and developing relations with our investors.