Eco Asisstance

To meet the expectations of our customers, we provide them with support in the field of environmental protection.

To meet the expectations of our existing and future contractors, the Prodigo Capital Group can offer you an exceptional range of services for the outsourcing of environmental issues in your company. To this end, the Prodigo Capital Group has a special department employing high-class specialists to take over the ongoing comprehensive management of all matters related to the fulfilment of obligations arising from environmental regulations in your company, including:
– Ongoing production of Waste Transfer Notes (KPO)
– Ongoing monthly records of waste — in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the regulations
– Audits of compliance with legal requirements concerning environmental protection

Within the framework of cooperation, the Prodigo Capital Group ensures continuous supervision by our specialists over your facilities (if necessary, placing a permanent resident on-site depending on ongoing needs), representation in the event of inspections by authorized environmental protection authorities (e.g. Voivodeship Inspectorate Of Environmental Protection, Regional Inspectorate Of Environmental Protection, Marshal’s Office, County Office, Commune representatives, etc.) or internal and external audits.

In terms of ongoing services, we offer:

  • Waste Transfer Notes (KPO),
  • Monthly records of waste — according to the requirements stipulated by the regulations,
  • Monitoring of permits held in terms of the amount of waste generated,
  • Verification of types of waste generated in terms of formal and legal conditions,
  • Verification of waste production permits held for compliance with the conditions specified in the permit in question and the factual state,
  • Verification and implementation of waste management principles,
  • Analysis of changes in the legal regulations concerning environmental protection, in terms of the specificity of your Facility and adaptation of the facilities according to possible changes resulting from the said regulations.

Additionally, in terms of a systemic approach to the client’s environmental issues:

  • Substantive supervision, related to environmental protection regulations, over the investment processes carried out at the client’s facilities,
  • Collecting data for environmental reports,
  • Preparation of the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE) report,
  • Elaboration of OŚ reports — OP1,
  • Elaboration of OPAK 2 reports,
  • Elaboration of OPAK 3 reports,
  • Elaboration of GUS (Statistics Poland) reports — OS6,
  • Preparation of a collective summary of data on types and quantities of waste, on methods of waste management and on installations and devices for the recovery or disposal of waste,
  • Development of a list of summary information on the extent of environmental use and the amount of fees due,
  • Full supervision of the environmental aspects resulting from the quality systems implemented in your company,
  • Training your employees in environmental aspects tailored to your company’s needs,
  • Audits of compliance with legal requirements concerning environmental protection,
  • Setting customised environmental objectives, indicators, priorities to measure environmental performance, etc.,
  • Monitoring of environmental performance (data analysis, action plan).