A unique method of waste thermal processing

What distinguishes this product?

Used tyres are one of the most burdensome waste for the environment. Due to their size and purpose, they have to meet chemical and mechanical standards, so they are difficult to manage even after use. Approximately 1.5 billion tires leave production facilities each year, and when worn out, they account for 80% of waste. Ongoingly, apart from AG Recykling sp. z o.o., there are no other installations in the country producing with the use of pyrolysis with quality and on industrial scale. The development of this technology in conjunction with the PRODIGO Capital Group’s installations for the production of alternative fuels allows for comprehensive management of rubber waste.



Process uniqueness

Development potential

Confirmed specifications

The pyrolysis process consists in bringing about thermal decomposition of rubber waste. This low-waste technology produces three product streams: liquid — in the form of pyrolytic oil; solid — biochar (carbon black); and gaseous — pyrolytic gas, used to heat the reactor again or to produce electricity. Pyrolytic oil and biochar (carbon black) are sold directly to customers. They may also be further processed.

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