Research & Development

Innovative technologies in waste processing.


The R&D department is made up of a team of employees and collaborators (including scientists with patents in the field of waste processing) with many years of experience in industrial waste management.

The department is focused on the search for the application of innovative technologies in the waste processing process, in order to increase the quality of the final product or optimize the process itself. The team is currently stepping up its operations in three key areas:

  1. Research projects – Prodigo sp. z o.o., 2. Research projects — Prodigo sp. z o.o., a member of the PRODIGO Capital Group, carries out a research project entitled 'Development of a method for manufacturing products of advanced functional ceramics: silicon carbide and oxygen-silicon carbide (SiC/SiOC) from precursors in the form of organosilicon resins’. In October 2017, the company received funding for this purpose in the amount of over PLN 5 million (with the total project value of PLN 8 million) from NCBiR (more information about the project can be found in CO-FINANCING).
  2. Scientific and technical support for the companies belonging to the PRODIGO Capital Group – the R&D team also carries out support work for all production facilities belonging to the holding. The scope of work includes, among others: designing new processes and technologies supporting the development of companies in accordance with the idea of the circular economy, advice on the selection of research equipment and machines for waste processing, coordination and analysis of physico-chemical tests in laboratories operating within the Group and tests commissioned in accredited laboratories and universities, optimization of existing installations and search for reagents to improve the process of purification or separation of materials.
  3. Innovative solutions – R&D team members are constantly working on developing innovative concepts enabling more and more effective processing of 'difficult’ waste, including: hazardous waste; electro-waste; thermal processing of metals together with co-generation.